"Marketing Without Data Is Like Driving With Your Eyes Closed"
- Dan Zarella

Looking to surpass your Competitors' in Twitter? Generate exhaustive Twitter Competition reports and redefine your Twitter strategy.

We utilise critically acclaimed tools that help businesses to monitor and maintain their Twitter accounts. Our features include showing; professionally building your followers, optimising when you tweet, engaging with your audience as well as providing numerous statistics on these features. Full details on the features Yellow Monkey offers can be found by clicking below.


We are a convenient and efficient service that will allow users to complete mundane tasks with ease. Yellow Monkey allows users to maintain and view everything they need from their Twitter stream in one simple application report.


Analyse your profiles - and the analytical data of your competitors. With KPIs, analyses and reports. Monitor your success and increase your social reach every day.

We will create you a Facebook Competitive Analysis Report and get to know just about everything your Competitors' are doing on Facebook. Generate insightful comparison reports showing what each of your competitors is doing right and wrong on Facebook.


Our Facebook Page Analyser will help you draw actionable insights from all the activity that takes place in your Facebook Page. Our Facebook analytics and monitoring tool will also help you strategise what you could be doing better with your content posting strategy.


Monitor and analyse as many Instagram profiles as you like. Compare their performance indicators against yours and learn from the best.


The tool is highly customisable in terms of the media and profiles that you wish to interact with


We can target the Followers or Followings of specific profiles, or we can target specific Hashtags and/or Locations


Example: If we were Adidas, we could choose to interact with all of Nike’s followers.

Website Tools

The Intelligent Rank Tracker

Monitor & keep a check of the SERP* rankings of your site as well as of your competitors. More than just ranking data, get other valuable insights on powerful SEO opportunities

*SERP search engine results page is the page displayed by a search engine in response to a query by a searcher. The main component of the SERP is the listing of results that are returned by the search engine in response to a keyword query, although the page may also contain other results such as advertisements.)

Other website analytical tools we offer are:-

- Bulk SEO Metrics Checker

- Backlink Analysis

- Simple yet powerful Website Audits

- On-Page Analyser

- Keyword Research Tool

and more...

Google Analytics

Make sense of your Google Analytics reports with filtered views of the data & metrics you should be focusing on. Our Google Analytics reporting tool simplifies the ton of reporting data into actionable insights that you can use to improve your overall site traffic.

Bespoke Analytics

For our unique bespoke analytics we use a comprehensive web analytics tool that allows you to track your visitors in real-time. You'll know who's visiting your site right now (you can even identify them by any user credentials you have stored), what pages they're visiting and where they came from. Apart from this, there's a lot of other useful stats you can get.

Get live stats when browsing your site itself (we detect your login session and show you stats on your site).

Generate heatmaps based on visitors' clicks.

No SPAM Traffic: You don't have to waste time with referral spam filters, we've taken care of filtering out most spam.

More accurate bounce rates, only visitors spending less than 30 seconds are counted as bounces.

Track page visits history by user, this is very useful for personalizing your marketing. 

and much more...

Digital & Graphic 

At Yellow Monkey Graphic Design, we create exciting and effective visual communication solutions, customised for your company. We operate a full service design studio, we provide comprehensive professional design services, handling all aspects of a project, from concept development to the finished product. We have a wealth of experience in the graphic design field, including identity/logo development/branding, collateral materials, 3D logo design, page layout, and web design. 


Yellow Monkey Graphic Design is part of your team. As your "in-house" designers, we strive for a personal inside-out familiarity with your needs. We'll help you to deliver your message, providing practical and compelling art applications for your target audience. Using your vision and our attention to detail, we'll create a clear, defined, unified message. And as your team member, you can count on us to present our creative professional graphic design services, on time and on budget.

Multichannel Competitor Analytics 

We can monitor yourself and your competitor’s pages on:

Facebook .             • Twitter

                 • Google+                • YouTube              

   • Instagram               • Pinterest