Generate a Facebook Competitive Analysis Report and get to know just about everything your Competitors' are doing on Facebook. Generate insightful comparison reports showing what each of your competitors is doing right and wrong on Facebook.

Copetition Analyser

Facebook Page Analytics

Keep track of your Facebook day by day and measure your success. 

Analyse engagement, best times for posting, best topics, types of posts and way more. Not just for your own page but for all competitors' pages as well.


Our Facebook Page Analyser will help you draw actionable insights from all the activity that takes place in your Facebook Page. Our Facebook analytics and monitoring tool will also help you strategise what you could be doing better with your content posting strategy


Know your posts and make them awesome

Tag all posts of your choice and see which topics are working best and find the most engaging content.

•Post tagging – also for competitors

•Post evaluation for relevant KPIs


•Benchmarking comparison for an unlimited amount of pages

•Tag filter for all insight analyses

Fan Insights

Get to know and understand your fans

Do you know your fans? Learn everything about their interests and how they communicate with your page.

• Influencers

• Pages with same active fans

• Service level

• Fan posts


Analyse every single detail of your posts. Discover the

best topics. See which time is the best to get to your fans.

• Best times for posting

• Best types of posts and best topics

• Best and least engaging posts

• Best posting frequency

Excel Reports

Save time with beautiful readymade reports.

Keep record of your developments with presentable

reports and clearly arranged info graphics.

• Excel reports

• Monthly report

• Raw data report

• Benchmarking report

• Detail report

• PowerPoint


Compare an unlimited number of pages and

discover trends on time

Learn what works in the market, find trending

topics and gain inspiration.

• Analytics of an unlimited number of pages

• Benchmarking

• Compared content of all pages

• Market share

• KPI matrix

• Average values


Always up to date

See what your competitors do and learn

how to outperform them. Keep track

of market development.

• Morning report

• S**tstorm alert

• Instant alert emails


Measure page performances

Check how the quality of the page evolved over time,

see what could be better and determine advertising


• Page history

• Market share and ad value

• KPI comparison

• All analytics for any time period

Multichannel Competitor Analytics

We can monitor yourself and your

competitor’s pages on:


• Twitter

• Google+

• YouTube

• Instagram

• Pinterest