We will generate downloadable reports

for your Facebook Page comparisons.

Our Facebook Page Comparison tool will generate beautiful reports comprising of graphical and tabular views. You can download these Facebook comparison reports as a PDF and we can even white label them with your logo.

Facebook Competition Analyser

Compare up to 5 Facebook Pages

Generate a detailed Facebook Competitive Analysis Report and compare the total number of fans, posts and engagements of up to 5 pages. 

Comparison Analysis

Run a Facebook comparison analysis

to identify the leaders and laggards.

Our competitive comparison tool makes it easy to identify who's leading on all fronts and who's falling far behind. Use these insights for research purposes or to evaluate what the leaders are doing right that you can emulate on your Facebook page.

Posting Frequency

Compare and see if your

posting frequency is keeping pace.

Do you wish to do some number crunching? We use the Facebook Page Comparison tool to review and compare your Competitors’ average daily posts and total number of posts for a chosen period.

Which Posts Are
Working Best

Are they status updates, photos or videos?

Do a post-by-post analysis to know what’s being liked more and shared freely. Use this insight to formulate or fine-tune your content posting strategy.

Post Diversity

Process a snapshot

of your Competitors’ post diversity.

Curious to know what’s happening on your Competitors’ Fan pages? Check out the post types by taking a quick look at the number of photos, videos and links your Competitors' are sharing.

Where Are The

See Where the fans

of your Competitors' are located?

Our Facebook Competition Analyser gives you in-depth insights on your Competitors' fans, provides you their location and also displays it on a world map.