Up-Time Monitoring
Up-Time Monitoring 

Keep tabs on if and when your site goes down or becomes unresponsive.

How Many Visitors Are Live On Your Site?

Get accurate real-time visitor tracking with bespoke analytics. Up-to-the minute live tracking with detailed user info. Apart from just the numbers, you also get to identify them by their demographics as well as referral source. Use this information to realise the potential of your website.

Live Visitors Screenshot

For our unique bespoke analytics we use a comprehensive web analytics tool that allows you to track your visitors in real-time. You'll know who's visiting your site right now (you can even identify them by any user credentials you have stored), what pages they're visiting and where they came from.


Apart from this, there's a lot of other useful stats you can get.

Get live stats when browsing your site itself (we detect your login session and show you stats on your site).

Generate heatmaps based on visitors' clicks.

No SPAM Traffic: You don't have to waste time with referral spam filters, we've taken care of filtering out most spam.

More accurate bounce rates, only visitors spending less than 30 seconds are counted as bounces.

Track page visits history by user, this is very useful for personalizing your marketing.

Identify Your Visitors By Email

Dig Deep Into Their Usage Patterns.

With Bespoke Analytics, you can track users by their user id or email and inspect the page visit history of each of their visits. Not only can this help with marketing personalisation but it can help you tweak your navigation and content flow based on these insights.

Identify Your Visitors By Email
Track Sales, Leads & Other Goals
Track Sales, Leads
& Other Goals

Goal tracking is super important for any analytics solution. Bespoke Analytics makes it super-simple to set up and track your key goal conversion metrics. You can also track goals by individual users and identify the actual user behind each goal.

Segment & Analyse Your Visitors
Segment & Analyse
Your Visitors

By their demographics and referral sources.

Get big data insights into where your visitors are coming from, which sites are referring you the most traffic and which content pages are driving the most engagement. Use all these insights and stats to understand your target audience.

Heat Maps

Understanding what elements of your pages are getting the most clicks

Real Time Web analytics
Simple Customisable

We keep things simple & just show the data you need & want.

Simple Customisable Data

Extremely powerful & flexible *API

*API - "Application Programming Interface." An API is a set of commands, functions, protocols, and objects that programmers can use to create software or interact with an external system.